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I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the ThermiTucker website and introduce myself.  I'm Bee, a Thermomix Consultant in Maroondan, Queensland and I am looking forward to introducing you to the wonderful world of Thermomix.  I would like to also grow my sphere of influence, so please share my services with friends and family around Australia.  They will receive guidance along their Thermomix journey as well.

Here you'll find up-to-date information, a place to book your next Cooking Experience, read some Customer testimonials and so much more.

Looking to purchase your very own Thermomix?  Just click on the buy button, located at the top of the page.  If you have any questions, you're welcome to contact me.


Have fun exploring and join our vibrant community by subscribing to the monthly newsletter!

- Bee Olsen -

Salad Spoons


You know what I honestly love the most?  The simple fact, if I come home super late and don't feel like leftovers, I can pop some eggs in the Thermie and have some perfect dunky eggs at like 3am, without waking hubby up.  It's legit the little things in life!

Shaye / Thermomix Owner

We love the Thermomix!  We have cooked quite a few meals in it and love it!!!!  I love planning my weeks.

Joanne / Thermomix Owner

I have most certainly been giving my Thermomix a workout daily!  I've been loving the ThermoBexta series!  Thanks for all your love and assistance.  I ordered my new lid and will be in touch should I need anything.

Bronwyn / Thermomix Owner

After owning two earlier models, the TM6 is just the bee's knees.  It’s a total game-changer.

Most importantly, having you Belinda, never leaving our sides until we understand its capabilities, your dedication and knowledge imparting to us all is impeccable.

Monica / Thermomix Owner

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