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Your TM6 has arrived

Now the fun begins...

This video will teach you how to set up and care for your Thermomix.  In conjunction with this video, please read the Consultant Delivery Report below and if you have any questions I'm only a phone call away.

Please also complete the paperwork, confirming you have received your Thermomix, by clicking on the PDF below.  Kindly return the completed Customer Delivery Report (first page only) to my e-mail address.

Secure your
Celebration Demonstration

To get the very most from your Thermomix, I would suggest having a demo in the coming week or two to celebrate the arrival of your new machine.  Just you and 2 or 3 curious friends and together we create some delicious food together.


Click the button below to discover more about an in-home demo, or if you would prefer, we can do an online demo (especially good if you live a distance away or your guests do as well) where we cook together across the Internet.


I am so excited to inspire you and help you get the very most from your investment.

Kind regards,


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