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Moving to Maroondan

7th December 2022 was the day we embarked on a 6 hour journey from Brisbane to our new home in Maroondan (6 kms east of Gin Gin, Queensland). With my Thermomix in the back seat & both vehicles "packed to the rafters", we knew that this meant a whole beginning for our family as our eldest would be staying behind to complete his apprenticeship while the youngest started his senior years at the local high school. The adults would be 'working from home' - but that would only happen after 7 weeks of leave so we delayed thinking about that.... We were fortunate enough to find a rental, in this current market, and this has allowed us to visit our land when needed. Our home is currently in the design phase & won't be ready until later in 2023. We feel very blessed to be able to live locally so we can watch the plans come together, slowly but surely. Although it is apparently an exciting phase, there are days that the stresses of making all the selections become overwhelming & decision fatigue sets in. Yes, it does happen! But complaining about it won't solve anything & at the end of the day it's realising that being thankful for the journey is important. This feeling of being overwhelmed will eventually fade & we will be able to enjoy the sunsets more. Customers have asked WHY have we decided to make this move & I'm always happy to oblige. First & foremost, my husband & I believe that God has directed us to make this move & we feel this specific location is exactly where we need to be at the present time. We previously made choices about moving to Jamaica & Norway based on our feelings or experiences & we decided it was time to start listening to what God wanted for our lives. Secondly, we've loved the idea about growing our own food without chemical interference & learning to be self-sufficient but of course, we're dreamers & know that these skills will take time to develop, not to mention be a steep learning curve along the way. We're up for it! Thirdly, finding balance & 'the hamster-wheel of life' is sometimes tricky. I know many others have expressed their views about being trapped in jobs that are so stressful & commitments so overwhelming that they want to just give up. We are in search of that happy medium where we have to provide for our children, as well as have time to enjoy the simple things in life. Since moving, we have discovered more peace in the discussions around the fire, watching the sun slip behind the mountains in the distance & more connection (not to mention belly laughs) during the long drive to town to purchase our groceries. So if someone asks me if it's a good idea to relocate to a smaller town with a reduced population, my response would be YES! Despite the drastic change (we've relocated more than 10 times since we got married in 2001 & 3 of those moves were overseas) we wouldn't change a thing. This is where we're meant to be & will continue to share this experience with those of you who are keen to follow along for the journey. ∼ Love Bee ∼

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