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A man unboxing a Thermomix TM6 model while a woman looks on.

Your Thermomix is coming

I'm so excited to introduce you to your new Thermomix.

While you are awaiting the arrival of your machine, there are some things you can do to get started.


This is where you access the digital library of recipes for guided cooking.  It will take a few minutes to set up, then you can start searching recipes, creating your own collections (think of these as your personal recipe books) and bookmarking your favourites.


You will be able to complete the set up of your Cookidoo account directly onto your machine, once it arrives, and this will start the 6 months free subscription.


Be Inspired

Join the Customer Support Group on Facebook or Instagram - ThermiTucker - to be inspirated to try new dishes and share what you've been creating in your Thermomix.


This is a demo where you invite 2 or 3 guests over to celebrate the arrival of your Thermomix.


In 90 minutes, we will make 3 impressive dishes as you learn the next level tips to Thermomixing.  This can be done virtually or in-person depending on where you are located.  Having your friends there additionally qualifies you for a discounted host reward.

Once your Thermomix arrives

  • feel free to unpack your machine, placing it on a flat, level surface and remove the blue arm stickers and screen protector.  Plug into power and fully extend the black cord;

  • switch the machine on and follow the safety screens, paying particular attention to how to process hot liquids;

  • complete the WiFi set up to your home's 4G network and Cookidoo sync.  The screen will step you through the process.  Also allow the software to update;

  • wash all parts thoroughly before use, particularly the base of the stainless steel bowl - CAUTION - the blades are very sharp so keep your fingers away!

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